Independent Hunter - An industry platform which helps brands connect with independent retail stores around the world.

About Us

Independent Hunter is changing the way brands get their products into stores.

We are a cost-effective online platform that cuts out the middle-man to save you money. Unlike expensive brokers & sales agencies, our clients pay us an affordable one-off finders-fee for each new store we acquire for them. Our clients are given access to their own online portal where they can view all of their new found stores on an interactive map.

We work with 100's of independent retail stores in three of the greatest cities in the world, London, NYC and LA.

Our one-off fee includes:

- Confirmation of each stores acceptance of your product
- Our team visiting the store to take a photo of your product on the shelf (great for social media)
- Store's feedback on your products sales performance

One of our recent clients reported that more than 60% of the stores we got their products into went on to re-order through their local distributor.

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